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MAN CAVE - Three modern day feminized guys are celebrating in their friend's new man cave when they are suddenly transported to the ultimate world of masculinity where they must prove their manhood before they are able to return home to their normal lives.


VACATION HOME - Conservative red state family rents a Malibu beach house for their daughter’s wedding, only to discover that when they get there it was an Internet rental scam and the left coast liberal elite couple that lives there has no idea who they are.


ZOOBOTIC - Zoobotic is a theme park containing robotic recreations of the world's most dangerous apex predators. The lifelike robots are completely docile, allowing the guests to have hands on encounters with tigers, lions, sharks and even mythical creatures like Big Foot. The park has a malfunction and the creatures attack the guests.


eRay - Video of an epic fail marriage proposal goes viral and turns the unlucky in love Ray Webber into an Internet darling sought out by thousands of women.