The other night I saw a tweet about a special screening of the original Star Wars with no digital enhancements. This got Star Wars on my brain and I came up with the idea of Luke Skywalker live tweeting Star Wars from beginning to end. I did a few searches to see if it had been done before and while there were a few Luke Skywalker tweeters, I don't see anything that was beginning to end.

So I watched the film again and started to put writer down the tweets. I then created a Tweet template in Power Point and created all the tweets. I wanted people to see them in order, so instead of just posting the tweets on Twitter, I created a YouTube video and played the tweets in order.

Because these tweets are supposed to be from Luke Skywalker, I didn't feel right about reading them out loud myself on the video, so I just used a computer to read the tweets. I figured also that if I did this with other movies and characters, the voice could stay the same.

Some of the tweets are pretty obvious, but there are some very obscure reference in there that only true fans that have watched the movie way too many times will get.

So I've posted them on YouTube and Twitter @RussCorey

You can click the picture above to take you to the YouTube clip, but here is a link to the Youtube video as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MssyCuJZ9w4


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